Artist designed slate furniture

The artist designed slate furniture is truly original, elegant and extremely durable.

Each piece designed and manufactured by kommalleindesign is hand made. Some are made as one-off's and others may be one of a limited series.

It is the durability, aesthetic charm and timeless elegance of the piece, in combination with its minimalism and clarity of form, make our furniture so distinctive.

Slate is a warm stone which easily adapts to the local environmental temperature. It transforms every ray of light into a very comfortable warmth. The silky smooth surface of the slate invites you to run your hand over it.

Our slate objects are extremely stable, yet amazingly light, since they are designed as hollow constructions.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can leave them outside in the garden or on the terrace throughout the year since they will not be damaged by wet of cold conditions.

So on those first sunny spring days you can go outside and enjoy your first coffee al fresco without having any tiresome furniture moving to do.


We work with slate, limestone and marble.
Brazilian slate - types: Rio Negro (grey/grey-black), Rio Jade (green-grey), Rio Verde (reddish) - sanded silky surface
Portuguese slate (black) - sanded, slight uneven surface

The slate is of a homogeneous structure, extremely stable, non-fade, weatherproof and frost-resistant
The binding material used is weatherproof and frost-resistant